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KickStars Gradings - Feburary 2019


Congratulation to all our KickStars who were promoted following the gradings last weekend, especially to Rayn, Felix and Laurent who were promoted to Yellow Tag and are moving up to the junior classes.

Results from the junior/senior grading will be out soon!

Orange Stripe Blue Stripe Brown Stripe
Kai Adams Robert Cooper Christian Hewitt
Panayiotis Kalvas James Dance Adinath Kanago
Cater Mackie Harvey Dance  
Brandon Paduanelli Oliver Lau Black Stripe
  Olivia Lau Jaiden Macassaddu
Green Stripe   Ayaan Pradeep
Jacob Topliss Red Stripe  
Izzah Adeel Alexander Quainton Yellow Tag
Shriyan Veeranki Harry Shaw Rayn Child
  Dawid Piaseczny Felix Howard
Purple Stripe Diyeni DeSilva Laurent Valentin
James Tamilmani Jegors Vingradous  
Mason Cox Musa Ahmed  


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