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KickStars Promotions

Congratulations to all our enthusastic KickStars who progressed to their next belts following the gradings on Friday and Saturday.  The promotions were:

Orange Stripe

Harry Shaw
Jacson Warner Panchaud
Tumi Olaneye
Christian Hewett

Green Stripe

Ciro Cordero Benedit
Connor Cosby
Joel McPherson
Noah Rhee
Felix Howard
Bowie Emmerson
Aayan Pradeep

Blue Stripe

Saul Curtis

Brown Stripe

Dylan Griffiths
Elliott Flood Squires
Nathan Harrington
Dino Nduka Richard
Nathan Harrington
Samuel Hartley
Adriano Anzani
Naomi Marks
Scarlett Hamilton

Red Stripe

Mikolaj Zurek

Black Stripe

Charlie Mason

Yellow Tag

Aaron Murray Cobertson
Lily Newton
Jessica Woodage
Alex Ward
Oliver Brown
Taylor Mackie

It was also really good to see 6 of the KickStars progress to yellow tag and they will now be graduating onto our regular Junior Taekwondo classes. 

The Bluewave KickStars programme is proving really popular and we had record classes this weekend with many new beginners since the start of September.  It is therefore our plan to open a new class for this age to run on a Monday.  If you want to help us decide the times for the class please complete the short survey here. 

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